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Bryony's Story


Bryony was the poorly one but we don’t just think about the child with cancer, we look at the whole family.

Her brothers were missing out with Mum or Dad being away so much and one of the wishes on the list was definitely for them, and you should have seen the look on their faces when Vicky and I (Chris) took them their wish of a laptop computer. They thought it was even better when I loaded a Scooby Doo game on for them.

Bryony's brothers with their new laptop
Below is a letter from Bryony's mum and dad.

Dear CWCF, Thank you for making the two boys wishes come true. The laptop is a super gift for them and I’m sure they will get much use from it. The Tesco vouchers also ensured that Christmas was a special one for all of us, a welcome respite from what has been a very difficult year for the family.

Since Bryony was born, and diagnosed as having Downs Syndrome, it has not been easy for her brothers. Bryony needs so much extra care and we are both very conscious that we have not been able to give the boys the attention that they perhaps should have had. Then came the shock that Bryony had leukaemia. Five long months in the Royal Marsden Hospital undergoing chemotherapy with me (Mum) remaining by her side meant more upheaval for the boys. But we stayed together as a family, and faced the uncertainties and fears as one.

Celebrating Bryony’s second birthday in September 2005 was something special, there was a time when we thought it would never happen. She is in remission, although the chemotherapy has harmed her, and now we treat each day as a gift. Throughout this all we have been touched by the kindness of others. During the period I was with Bryony in hospital we were greatly supported by our family, friends and other Mum’s & the staff from the boy’s school. A lot of prayers were said for Bryony by special people and this was a source of great comfort and hope. The comfort also came from the caring, friendly staff at the Royal Marsden and St George’s hospitals.

We would also like to say via Bryony’s web page how grateful we were for the support from the local charity ABC, and of course the girls from Demelza James and our community nurses Louise & Lucy, who have all put so much effort into helping us. I can’t go without saying a very big thank you to the gentleman in Tesco’s who insisted on paying for our shopping one week. A totally unexpected gesture from a complete stranger who had been playing peek-a-boo with Bryony whilst we were waiting at the checkout. His only words were ‘Bryony has been ill hasn’t she’.

We look forward to 2006 and hope that, although all of our lives have been changed forever, we can build on what we have and give our best to our three wonderful children.

Thank you once again, and many thanks to all those who contributed in any way to enable you to give so generously.

Peter & Natalie (Mum & Dad)
Bryony with Vicky

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