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Ethan’s Story


Below is Ethan’s story which was sent to us by his mum Alli:

Don’t they always say that the best things happen when you least expect it? Well, there we were sat on the sofa, the boys fast asleep in bed when at 9:30pm the phone went. Ed and I looked at each other frowning. Who on earth could that be? It was Chris from Children with Cancer Fund, calling to say hi, to invite us to a pantomime and to ask us for 3 wishes for each member of our family. When Ed put down the phone he had tears in his eyes and when he explained to me what had just happened, so did I.

Our son Ethan who turned 2 very recently was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour when he was just 3 months old. Following surgery to try and remove some of the tumour, Ethan was left blind, has a weakness in his left side and has complete hormone dysfunction. He shouldn’t technically be here with us but here he is and he has amazed the medical profession several times. Life is not easy but he giggles and smiles, dances (in his own way) to music and cuddles up to his much loved toy dog, the very important ’Mr Snuffles’. Ed and I often feel so isolated so when the call came in from Chris, that isolation broke down a little.

So, the wishes. It was really, really hard to write them for ourselves. For the kids, it was easy! We had tried unsuccessfully to get Ethan a chair to sit in. He has no head control and can’t sit up and spends most of his time in his buggy. We tried him with several ’special needs’ chairs but to no avail. The only chair he likes is the tumble form chair which is specifically designed to aid lack of head control. Again, we couldn’t get funding for it and after a failed attempt to borrow one from our local hospital, we gave up. Until CWCF came along and Ethan is now the proud owner of one shiny blue tumble form chair! For Hayden, our youngest it was a car seat for when he turned 6 months which was duly delivered. We added a hoover as we hadn’t owned a proper hoover ever and as we are buying a house, thought it was time and that again was duly delivered. Surely that must be it? So utterly generous but we were wrong. 2 white envelopes were produced and Ed was given golf lessons with a professional coach for which he was absolutely blown away by. And for mummy? A trip to Toni and Guy for my hair. I had it done last Saturday and the manager, Emma of the salon gave me a free goody bag and a hair treatment whilst I was there. For a day, I felt like a princess!

Words can’t describe how grateful we are to CWCF. Making little dreams come true goes a long way in helping families like us cope and making us smile through the heartache is utterly priceless.

Alli, Ed, Ethan and Hayden xxxx

Ethan and his family      Ethan and his brother Hayden

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