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Children With Cancer Fund
Children With Cancer Fund (Polegate)
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Friends of C.W.C.F.

This is an idea that was suggested while we were having lunch with some friends.  After talking it over with the rest of the group we decided to give it a go and so here we are.  The main reason for wanting to set up a FRIENDS of C.W.C.F. was to keep people who are interested in our cause informed of any developments.  We do this by sending our members copies of the C.W.C.F. newsletter.  Becoming a "friend" also gives you the chance to get involved in our activities if you feel you would like to.  This may involve helping with our fund-raising activities, delivering newsletters in your local area or maybe helping to compile the newsletter.  If you would like to become a FRIEND of C.W.C.F. please write with your details to:

Friends of C.W.C.F
The Bon Bon, 5 Western Avenue, Polegate,
East Sussex. BN26 6EP

Our hope is to send out two newsletters a year but to get each newsletter printed and distributed costs about 39p (total cost being 78p).  If you would like to make a small donation towards the cost of producing and distributing our newsletter, or have any ways in which you think you may be able to help, we would be most grateful but this is entirely optional.

As the number of friends has increased, so has the workload.  Luckily for us Karen and Richard have stepped in to help. Karen has taken on the role of Friends Secretary which means things are now moving along smoothly.  Everytime the newsletter is produced they beaver away putting newsletters in envelopes and addressing them ready for our group of helpers to deliver them.

Karen and Richard
Karen and Richard

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