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Gemma's Story


A Polegate councillor, Maggie Piper, nominated Gemma to us. We met the family and asked Gemma what she would like us to do for her. The reply was, "my bike that I had before I was ill is too small for me now, so a new bike would be nice". After all she had been through a bike was nothing. So we asked her to think it over and come to a drinks evening with a list of things she would really like. The drinks evening was for us to say thank you to the people who had helped raise the hospital money, but, it was also a good chance to give Gemma her bike, as well as for the helpers to meet Gemma and her family. They came to the meeting, Gemma gave us the list and on it was a trip to Euro Disney, a trip to the Millennium Dome, to see Steps in concert and a new bike. Well, surprise, surprise, a new bike appeared!

Gemma On Her Bike

We decided that a trip to Euro Disney would be the main project to work on next.

Pictured below (left) is Gemma drawing the winning tickets at Hailsham Dental Practice's Christmas Draw and the Windsor Club presenting us with a cheque towards the Gemma fund (right). When put with other donations from various groups around the area this meant we had enough money to send them to Euro Disney with some spending money as well.
Dental Draw Windsor Cheque

The best part of all is presenting the wish to the children and their families. Below is a photo taken on the night we gave them the holiday tickets. Gemma had her wish and went to Euro Disney for four days with her Mum, Debbie, sister Tara and Grandmother Sylvia.


Some of the characters Gemma met up with were Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Tigger. Gemma has now got an autograph book full of signatures of the celluloid stars. Gemma and her family have memories of the times they spent watching the sumptuous parades, soaking up the sights and braving the rides. Gemma loved their hotel, which she described as, "like a village in the Wild West" because it was complete with saloon doors and the staff were dressed like cowboys. Although Gemma and her sister were in Euro Disney, Paris, for four days they did not want to come home after having such a great time. However they brought back lots of souvenirs to remind them of their holiday, which included Mickey and Minnie Mouse mugs, pens, a sweet tin, Mickey and Minnie Mouse soft toys and a large photo of the girls standing with Pluto.
Pluto Minnie Mouse

After such a great time Gemma and her family would like to thank everybody who raised money or donated money that made the trip possible. When Gemma came back we asked her if she would write down a few details for us. Below is a brief extract of Gemma's Diary about her time away:-

Gemma   My Disney Diary by GEMMA WHITE

It was February 14th 2000, the day we were going to Disneyland Paris. Our taxi arrived at 7 am & by 2.30pm we were at the hotel. It was called Cheyenne and it had a Western theme throughout. First we settled in & then made our way to the park. We went on Space Mountain, we only went on it the once as it made us feel a little queasy. Then we went in Alice's Curious Labyrinth where you can get lost in the maze of hedges. Next morning after breakfast we caught the free shuttle bus to the park and made our way to Fantasyland, where we had rides on Dumbo & the Mad Hatters teacups. Then we went in Snow White's castle and saw the seven dwarfs. Our favourite ride was Peter Pan's flight where you fly through the clouds over the roofs of London. The next day we went to Adventure Land & Frontier Land where we went on Big Thunder Mountain (a runaway mine train). In the afternoon we went to Disney village. Thursday was our last day so we packed our cases before going to the park to meet the Disney characters. Later in the day we watched the parade which was very colourful with fantastic floats, before leaving for home. We arrived in Polegate late in the evening very tired and sad that the holiday was over. Thank you for my lovely holiday.

Love Gemma White.

Since then Gemma has been for her last check up and has been given the all clear. Again, as with other children, this has been a time to celebrate and that is certainly what they are going to do. We asked them, if they could choose where to go for a family summer holiday, where would they go? To this the girls replied, "We have never been on a plane", so we told them to get some brochures and choose. They have decided to go to Spain for the holiday, and we are treating it as a well done for getting through the really rough time they have all had.

Watch this space for details of Gemma's Spanish trip.

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