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Hannah's Story


As with a lot of our wishes it was the community nurses that nominated Hannah to us.  We spoke to her Mum and asked her to sort out a wish list, which she did.  The list consisted of a digital camera, a laptop computer, back stage passes to see Westlife, tools for Phillip (Hannah’s brother), a gas bar-b-que and a three-piece suite or a CD clock radio.

We all had a look at the list and thought Phillip’s tools were most probably special ones that only he could get, Westlife tickets were a bit beyond us and a new three piece suite had to be a personal choice, but we could afford and get the camera, the laptop and a CD clock radio.  So we did.

Ashley and I (Chris) took the wish into the family where we were greeted with a coffee and an introduction to Hannah and her Auntie. We gave them the wishes, and it doesn’t matter how many times we grant wishes, to me the look on the families faces was worth millions of pounds!  On the way home Ashley and I said the hell that these families go through really puts our moans and groans into perspective.

Below is a letter from Hannah.

Hello my name is Hannah,

I am 12 years old and in November 2005 I found a lump in my neck.  The DGH took a bi-opsy which was diagnosed as Hodgkins Disease (a form of cancer).  I have undergone intensive chemotheraphy at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton for three months and also had shared care with the Eastbourne D.G.H. for blood tests, etc.

I am pleased to say that after having my treatment, which was very intensive, my tumour has gone.  My CAT scan and PET scans were all negative.  I feel very lucky and am grateful to everyone concerned.

Love from

Hannah XX

Hannah and her mum
Hannah and her mum

Update January 2010


I am now 16 years of age; I have been in remission now for 2 and half years. I still have to go up to The Royal Marsden for check ups although it is now every four months. I’m back at school currently doing my GCSE’S (although I’m struggling to catch up with the work that I missed when I was ill). I am studying Food Technology, Geography and OCR National (ICT). I am aiming to be a Patissier I will have to go to Sussex Downs for 2 years to do Catering and Hospitality, then a further training in London. I’m aiming to have my own business selling fancy cakes and tartlets in London and Eastbourne.

I like going to the pantomimes with CWCF, spending time with the other poorly children on days out and remembering all they are going through as I have been through it twice myself (it wasn’t very nice at all). Thanks to CWCF for all their support and treats, they made it fun, enjoyable and entertaining which took our minds off the treatment.

So thanks to CWCF again for making our lives feel special again!!!

Lots of love and best wishes

Hannah xx

Hannah Hannah

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