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Harry’s Story


Harry is a little boy who was diagnosed with leukaemia while being treated for asthma. The family decided that a new games console would be a good idea to keep the boys entertained.

Below, firstly, is a letter from his family.

Dear Chris and Ursula,

Thank you for your recent phone call. Sorry we have been a while getting back to you,but its all just started to sink in. As Harry was being treated for asthma you can imagine finding out he had Leukaemia (ALL) came as a massive shock.

We are hopefully near the end of the induction phase, this has been very hard on Harry as the steroids have made him put on a lot of weight and his appetite has increased massively! Also the chemo is causing him to get a lot of pain in his joints, so he has been very frustrated not being able to get about like he used to.We really miss watching him playing football in the garden.

We have been trying to explain to Harry that he is able to make a wish but he doesn’t really understand. So we decided to think of something that Harry and his brother Charlie could do together, especially in the winter months when he cant play outside. So between us all we thought about a Nintendo Wii with the sports game to still keep him as active as possible.We hope this is ok?

from Sean, Rachel, Charlie and Harry x

We also knew that the boys would like new football shirts and so we thought it would be a best to kit out the whole family! A short while later we got this email from Rachel:

Hi Guys,

The delivery man has just called, can’t believe you got a shirt for all of us, thank you very very much! Harry has his on already, Charlie is having a holiday at my parents house in France, he will go mad when he see’s it, and wont stop chatting!


Rachel, Sean, Charlie, and Harry x

Harry and family
Harry with his mum Rachel, dad Sean and brother Charlie

Harry and Charlie with their new Nintendo
Harry and Charlie with their new Nintedo Wii

Finally we have a letter that Harry’s brother Charlie wrote us about his experience of Harry’s illness.


I was very shocked to find out Harry had leukaemia. Life feels different with him having to go to the hospital every week and the nurse coming round. The worst part for me is when Harry is crying because he is scared or it hurts, and I can’t help him feel better. Of all the things he has done he is scared of the plasters most of all because it hurts when they are taken off.

Sometimes I have to stay at my grandparents for the night and go to my friends house before school as Harry needs to be at the Royal Marsden quite early.

My other grandparents live in France and we were all meant to be going on holiday there, but due to Harry’s treatment this was not possible. My mum and dad asked if I would like to go on my own, I had a great time but wished my family was with me, perhaps next year!

Harry and I play a lot of games together so when he was given a wish we wanted something we could do together so we thought a Nintendo Wii would be a good idea because we could still play with it what ever the weather.

When Chris, Ursula and their family came round to see us Harry and I couldn’t believe our eyes, they opened their bag and there was the Wii. Since then Harry and I have had great fun playing the sports games, we are both very good at the tennis. They gave my mum and dad some vouchers for petrol as it is costing a lot to go to the Royal Marsden sometimes twice a week. Also a voucher so they can have a nice meal together.

A couple of weeks later the postman arrived with a parcel, we could not believe our eyes it was the brand new best team in the world Manchester Utd kit!

I would like to give a big thank you to you all from all of us, you’ve made us all smile again!

Love from Charlie

Update November 2008:

Mascot Harry

When I heard Sovereign Radio was auctioning a "Football Team Mascot for the day", I knew he would love it. We placed our bid and waited with baited breath, and then: we won! Then Eastbourne Borough F.C took over. They were fantastic; they had Harry as their mascot for their biggest game of the season, gave him a full kit and let him warm up with the team before the match.

Your money gave Harry his day out and it will be one he will always remember.

Harry Mascot Harry Mascot

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