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In Memory of Jack


Jack's family are his brother Tom, Mum Alison, Dad Richard and their faithful dog.

Louise Pike, the Community Nurse, nominated Jack to us.  We had heard from a “little birdie” that he wanted a scooter, so, when we went to see the family about a wish list, we went prepared with one.  The wish list was for a scooter, a game boy game or a computer game for his brother Tom.  After talking to the whole family it transpired that a holiday at Oasis, a big indoor holiday village at Penrith, Cumbria, was something that they would all like to do.  We presented Jack with his scooter, and then we went away to work on the holiday.

Jack And His Scooter

Again, individuals and local groups were behind us.  Heidi and Ashley organised a sponsored walk with some Polegate residents and the Mums & Toddlers group, Sunday mornings meant going to Boot Fairs with items we had been given to sell and we were even given a large dog, a bottle of whisky and a list of 100 names that Shirley and Harry had prepared for “Name the Dog”, which raised 100.  Below are some of the walkers getting ready to set off, and Ian from the Junction Tavern looking after the dog whilst I sold the tickets.

Sponsored Walk Ian & Dog

Before we knew it we had raised the money needed, we even had enough money to buy the boys their computer games.  We made an appointment to go and see the family.  By now we knew that if we gave them enough notice, and if Jack was feeling up to it, there would be some delicious home-made biscuits or cakes, made by Jack, and a nice cup of tea waiting for us when we got there.  Jack's family are like a lot of the families we are lucky enough to have dealt with, so friendly, welcoming and patient.

If you have never been through the things these families have, it is hard to understand what they are talking about some times, but thankfully Jack's Mum is also a nursing Sister so she could explain things to us in lay language, which she did quite often.  We presented the holiday to them, had a go on Jack's new Game Boy game and bid them a happy holiday.

I will now leave the rest of this story to the family, who will fill you in via the letter they wrote to us on their return home: -

Dear All involved with C.W.C.F,

Just a quick note, to say thank you so much for the trip to Oasis in Cumbria, we all had a fantastic time.  The lodge we stayed in was tucked amongst tall pine trees in clusters of other lodges. They were very spacious and luxurious with a fully fitted kitchen and open fire. There was also Sky TV which the boys loved.
The main Oasis centre was located about 800 yards away and we would use bikes which we hired there to get to it.  The bikes were great fun, as cars were not allowed to use the tracks in the week.  We went swimming most days as the swimming pools were amazing with massive flumes and water rapids.
We managed to do a different sport each day which included the following: horse riding, archery, short tennis, tennis, indoor bowls, snooker, fencing and squash!! We also went to a fantastic show with a Blues Brothers theme and a couple of films - yes all this in one week!! We also managed, on a fine afternoon, to pop across to the Lakes and stopped at the side of Derwent Water for the views.
Thanks again to the Children with Cancer Fund, the holiday was perfectly timed as Jack had finished his Chemotherapy six weeks previously and had had his Hickman line (a tube which is inserted directly into the main artery and used for administering the treatment) removed, making swimming possible for the first time in a year. To swim in a huge pool had been a massive dream for him during his treatment. Also Jack told us that this holiday ‘opened up his life again’ because during that week he realised that he could tackle all sorts of exciting activities as a result of the success of his treatment, something which none of us knew of at that time.

All the best,

Richard Alison Tom and Jack

Below you can see Jack and Tom in the swimming pool, Jack horse riding, and Jack being given fencing lessons.

Jack Swimming Jack Riding Jack Fencing

The part we play in the lives of the families is very small, but a humble feeling comes over all of us with the little comment about Jack having “his life opened up again”.  That means the hard work is well worth it, and that is not just us at C.W.C.F. but all the people that bought the tombola tickets, came to the Antique Fair, made the cakes, etc. etc., so thank you if you were one of them because the family really did have the time of their lives.

After a long fight Jack finally lost his battle against cancer in April 2003.

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