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Kylie's Story


Louise Pike, the community nurse, nominated Kylie to us. Unfortunately for Kylie the cancer had meant the loss of a leg, although you would have to run fast to get away from her on her crutches! As usual, we made an appointment to go and see the family and were welcomed in. Kylie had written her wish list with the help of her Step Dad, Mum and her two younger sisters, Laura and Olivia. It read like this:-

Big screen TV

Sky TV

Family trip to Disneyland<

A collection of tapes

Lots of CDs

A computer

A new car

Tickets to see Steps in concert

Playstation & Games


We left to discuss with the others which item off the list we should get. Kylie had put the wide screen TV as preference number 1, tickets to see Steps in concert as number 2, and a computer as number 3.

We thought that the TV would be something that all the family would benefit from and started raising the funds to buy one.

Studio Dance Present Cheque Hydro Hotel Present Cheque

  Studio Dance and The Hydro Hotel presenting us with cheques.

Studio dance laid on a dance evening at the Golden Galleon, Public House, the Hydro Hotel gave us a cheque for 100 from one of their raffle nights, the Fisherman's Club took on Asda in a Charity Darts competition and George & Gillian Boyce invited us to do a raffle at their garden party.  

Photo opportunity at the Fisherman's Club Ursula with Shirley & Harry at the Garden Party
Photo opportunity at the Fisherman's Club Ursula with Shirley & Harry at the Garden party

What a busy time we had, but we had some laughs as well. It also meant we could think again about Kylie's wish list. The TV was for the family, we were unable to get tickets for Kylie to see Steps, so we bought the computer for Kylie to do her school work on (and her step dad to surf the net!). We had enough money so it was done. We rang the family and arranged to pop round. What they didn't know was that we had both of the wishes with us.
Kylie And Her TV Kylie And The Gang

Kylie was happy as the TV was nearly as big as her! After we had taken a few photos we left the family playing with their new toys. Above you can see Kylie with a grin that a Cheshire cat would be proud of, and Kylie sitting with Ashley, Heidi, Chris & Ursula.

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