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Leanne's Story


After the success of taking Gemma White and her family to Euro Disney we moved onto our next project, which was to grant the wishes of four young children.

The first of these children was Leanne Lane of Eastbourne. Leanne was used to being the one raising money so it was nice to be able to give something back to her. Leanne took part in a swim marathon, which was to raise money for the new Family/Oncology room on the children's ward at Eastbourne's District General Hospital. The event raised more than 1,000. Unfortunately Leanne later became a regular user of the room herself. Ashley Ireland from Children With Cancer said, "they worked hard to help others and so it was time to turn the tables and do something for them."

We went to see the family so that they knew who we were and so we could talk through their wish list (and have a cup of tea of course!). This is something we normally do once Louise, the Community Nurse, has spoken to the family about us, and we have written a letter to the family filling them in on the basics about C.W.C.F. The biscuits came out and the tea was poured so we had a look at the wish list. It read like this:-

"A weekend break with my family, a Game Boy, to go and see the Lion King Show, a trip on the London Eye or a video for my bedroom."

Having seen the list, we decided that a weekend break incorporated with a trip on the London Eye and tickets for the Lion King Show could all be done within the budget we had set ourselves.

We did various table sales and the Sequence Dancers at Polegate presented us with a cheque from a dance evening. Even the staff and customers of the Polegate Post office helped, by running a raffle for us.

Table Sale Polegate Sequence Dancers

This would be a special treat for the entire family. We had to work very closely with Louise and Leanne's Mum and Dad, because this would have to be granted when Leanne was, "at a good stage in her treatment".

The only problem we had was the fact that The Lion King show that she wanted to see was sold out for 2 years, but with the help of Southern Counties Radio and one of their listeners the weekend was organised. Leanne was full of energy so off they went. The trip took place from 7th April 2000 and the family returned two days later.

Their weekend was certainly a packed one, Leanne will tell you about it in her letter that she wrote for us when they came home.

My trip to London

On Friday I came home from school. My mum had already packed our bags. I was really excited. The taxi came to pick us up. He took us to the station and we got on the train. We arrived at Victoria station and went to the hotel. The hotel was lovely. Darren (my brother) and I shared a room. We had pizza for dinner. On Saturday we went to the Planetarium and then Madame Tussauds to look at the statues. They all looked like real people. We had an ice cream in Regents Park and then went for a McDonalds. We caught a taxi to the Lion King show in the evening. It was fantastic, especially the costumes. I really enjoyed the show. On Sunday we looked around the shops, one was Hamleys. At lunchtime we went on the London Eye. I took lots of photographs. You could see all over London. It was brilliant. I wasn't scared but my Mum was to start with. We took the train home. We had a fabulous weekend away.

Thank you.

Written by Leanne Lane

Below you can see Leanne with her brother Darren, her Mum and, "some famous bloke called Richard," according to Darren. Also a picture of Leanne with her Dad at the London Eye.

Leanne and Waxworks Leanne and Her Dad at The London Eye

When they returned home, we were asked if we would like to go in and see the photos they had taken. From our point of view it was great timing, because we had just raised the money to buy a video for Leanne to have in her bedroom and that would be the ideal time to give it to her. She was delighted and speechless because she had had her wish, but we just wanted to round it off with the last thing on her list being something she could have for herself.

In January 2001 Leanne went up to the Royal Marsden and was given the all clear.

Her family promised her that at the end of her treatment they would take her to Disneyworld, Florida as a well done for getting through the treatment. C.W.C.F. spoke to the family and decided that they had all been through the illness with Leanne and that we would like to help pay for the trip along side of them.

To pay for the whole holiday was beyond us, but we did hear that Leanne would like to swim with the dolphins whilst out there. Plans were made and all the family ended up doing it, again we believe that the whole family suffers, so they should all also enjoy the wish. We got a lovely postcard from them, and when they got back they gave us the photos you can see below.

Leanne With Dolphin Leanne & Family With Dolphins

Our attitude is that we are there to help these children when they need a boost, but should also be there to help them celebrate when they get through it all. All of us at CWCF would like to thank you, our supporters, for putting the smiles on their faces and the Lane family have asked us to pass on their thanks as well.

Update November 2008:

Leanne’s 18th

After 9 years of knowing Leanne and her family we sadly had to say goodbye as she had reached the age of 18. When we first did a wish for the family we sent them to London for a weekend and we thought on her 18th birthday we would send Leanne and her boyfriend back to the city for a weekend break, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you

"When we look back
What we remember most
Are those times when Kindness
Made the difference in our lives
Kindness like yours"

These were the words in a card sent to us from Leanne’s family. They also wrote:-

"The words say it all really, you are great people and we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us over the years."

We at CWCF could not have done anything for this family without the support from people like YOU.

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