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Nathan’s Story


Nathan is one of five boys, he has a twin brother, one older than him and two younger, but Nathan is just one of the lads. We went to see the family and asked them all what they would wish for if they had a wish. Some fun things came out like "Dad will wish for a never ending supply of cakes" said the boys, mum just wished for a cure for cancer to be found, and the boys themselves went for things like sweets, holidays and bikes.

We asked them if they could make up a wish list so that we could pick items from it. The list was to have things on it that would benefit the whole family as well as Nathan. One thing that came out of our first meeting with the family was just how close they all were. On our next visit we were presented with the wish list.

Nathan started by saying, "Thank you for the wish" and then listed several things that he and his family would like, but also ended with, "if I can't have any of these wishes, may I have a bike please, but I don't mind what we get". Just like the other children we have seen, he didn't want the world or a million pounds, all he wanted were some things that he had been missed out on because of the cancer.

Some of the things on Nathan’s list were, to go on a Haven Holiday, to go to Chessington Park or Alton Towers, to have a party, a day out anywhere or a Club House for the bottom of the garden.

First things first. The simple things in life are often the best. None of the boys had bikes, but instead of buying Nathan a new bike, and bearing in mind that his parents had said, "He is just on of the lads", we decided to get all the boys second hand ones. We were lucky enough to get four all the same. The youngest brother is not yet big enough to ride a bike. After checking them over we took them to the boys, they didn't care that they weren’t brand new, what they cared about was that they ALL had one.

Nathan And His Brothers
Nathan And His Brothers Raring To Go

The bikes had cost us very little so we had to decide on what else to get them off the wish list.

The decision was made for us really by the comments the boys were making, mainly Nathan hoping a clubhouse would be chosen and what they would call it. Paul, their dad said that he would put electricity down to enable them to play their music or watch TV if we were considering the club house idea.

The Windsor Club, which is part of the Community Centre in Polegate, told us they were going to do a 24 hr sponsored pool challenge for C.W.C.F and hoped to raise quite a bit of money towards the project we were working on. With their support we purchased a very large Clubhouse (a shed to you and I) and got it put up just before the school summer holidays

Pool Challenge Cheque Presentation
The Game In Full Swing Paul Kearney Presenting Us With A Cheque
That Was Big Enough For Us To Grant
Two Different Wishes

We knew what they wanted to call the clubhouse; Ashley made a plaque and one Sunday morning we all gathered around so that Nathan could unveil the "Members only", COOL CLUB.
Unveiling Cool Club
Nathan Unveils His "Cool Club" The Queue For Membership

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