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The Oncology/Family Rooms

We had set ourselves up, we knew what field we wanted to support and in talking to people we found out that Eastbourne’s D.G.H. had started raising funds for the Friston Ward Oncology/Family Room. Better still one of the main fundraisers was Joy Morris; she is also a neighbour of Chris & Ursula’s.

The idea was to make two rooms into one for families with children who were very poorly; it would be like a self-contained room but with the support from all the medical services just the other side of the door. Brenda Isted & Joy Morris were the main people, so we set up a meeting to find out just how we could help them. The main thought we had was that the room would not only help one child, but a lot of children over a period of time. Joy & Brenda had been fund-raising for a while but needed the finishing touches; so we said that we would fund raise and get the bits they needed.

The Old Oncology Room


Joy and Brenda with Plans


Work Gets Under Way


1.The old Oncology room. It was small and didn’t have the facilities needed for the long stays that many families had to make.
2. Joy and Brenda with the plans for the new room. It had been a lot of hard work to get this far, but the end was getting closer.
3. Work finally got under way, now their dream was becoming a reality.



Music Center




4. Toys, toys and more toys. We were given a list of toys that could be sterilised and would be suitable for the room. I think the four of us had as much fun choosing the toys as the children will have playing with them!
5. A music centre was a must but that was no good without a selection of CDs so we asked some children for ideas and with the 300 we had made the week before doing a boot fair, we again went shopping.
6. A separate TV and video would be too bulky so we were asked if we would get a combination TV & video that could be put on a wall bracket. Pictured above are Heidi & Ursula presenting the unit to Joy.

The support for C.W.C.F. grew and as we got to a target we bought the things we had been asked for. The room was in its final stages now and the engineers needed the music centre and the TV so they could put the sockets in the right place. The old room that had been used for the children had now been superseded, the new room was larger, brighter and better equipped. The parents had a bed to sleep on instead of a chair and the children had plenty to keep them occupied. As with everything, it gets used and needs replacing. That is where our long-term pledge comes in. We have pledged to support the room with anything that they need, be it a piece of equipment, more toys, an update of their CDs or a new bed; we will be there for them.

We are glad to report that the TV/Video is getting plenty of use.  The families were bringing in their own video tapes along as the room had none, so we have since used some of the donated money to buy videos, cds, a Playstation 2 (which the children had been asking for) and a selection of games.

Children With Cancer Fund

 Above (Back) you can see Ursula, Joy, Maggie, (Front) Heidi & Brenda.

Conquest Children’s Oncology Room is GO!

After receiving an extremely large sum of money, we at CWCF had to decide how it could best be used. At the same time Sister Caroline was looking to set up an oncology room on the children’s ward at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings, one of the hospitals we get referrals from.

We had already seen how the oncology room on the children’s ward at Eastbourne’s DGH had helped many of our cancer families so we looked into it. One donation of 10,000 would secure the room as the team at Hastings had already done some fund raising so we decided that as part of our 10 year celebrations we would grant The Conquest Hospital their wish, as it would benefit many children and their families over the years.

Pictured below is Sister Caroline Stephenson receiving the cheque from us for 10,000.

Children With Cancer Fund

Below are pictures of the work in progress on the new Conquest Hospital’s children’s oncology room, on Kipling Ward, taken in May 2009.

Children With Cancer FundChildren With Cancer Fund

Children With Cancer Fund

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