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Phoebe’s Story


Phoebe needed to travel from Seaford to the Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey for treatment on a regular basis. Unfortunately this was a major problem for them as their car had stopped working, meaning that their only option was to rely on public transport which was far from ideal! We decided to shop around and find a replacement car to make things easier for them.

When we arrived at their house one day, handed over a set of keys and told them their car was outside, we had tears from the adults while the kids jumped around for joy! It was a great day and was only made possible by the support that we receive from everybody that contributes to CWCF.

A little while later we received an email from the family:

Our whole family would really like to thank you for the car you got for us last week. It drives great and fits our needs perfectly. We are REALLY grateful!!!
Car for Phoebe’s family

A letter we received from the family, February 2010:

Dearest Chris, Ursula and all at CWCF,

Where do I begin?!

In early November of 2008 our little girl Phoebe was diagnosed with A.L.L. (a type of cancer), I thought my life was ending at that moment. Within a few days, Phoebe had started chemo and our lives were turned up side down.

We have four other children. At the time, Phoebe and Luke (Twins) were two, Noah only seven months and our big girls Holly was twelve and Cass fifteen. Things moved super fast, we were put in touch with such amazing people. Our seven seater car was on it’s way out and my Husbands new business was put on hold. Honestly at that moment money, homes and cars meant nothing we really didn’t care. People around us who had dealt with situations like ours knew that we had to get our lives back on track.

My family knew there were good people out there but this was crazy stuff!! Chris and Ursula turned up after hearing of our circumstances and played a game with Phoebe with envelopes. Phoebe chose one, on it was a picture of a car and a bunch of keys were put in my husbands hands. Children With Cancer Fund had bought us a seven seater car. They gave Holly a video camera and Cass an ipod. SPEECHLESS. To have amazing things happen in such a devastating time was truly touching.

Pheobe is doing well and is on her maintenance, we just pray she continues to get better.

Thank you always,


The Bramley Family X X X X

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