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Ruby's Story


Ruby was born on the 16th of July 2004, there were no complications at birth and she weighed in at a healthy 6lbs 9oz. She has a five year old brother called Andrew and her mum is Lisa

After three weeks of being home Lisa started to notice blue, lumpy bruises appearing on Ruby's skin. Lisa took Ruby to the doctor, but he didn't know what to make of the marks. He told Lisa to keep an eye on them and to come back if anymore appeared. Within a few days Ruby was covered in bruises but the doctors were still unsure as to the cause so they sent her directly to the hospital for further investigation.

At the hospital Ruby was given lots of tests but they still couldn't find out what was wrong with her. After a short while the head paediatrician decided Ruby needed even more specialist care and arranged for her to be transferred by emergency ambulance to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in Central London. She was admitted onto the infectious diseases ward where, after a day and results of further tests, Lisa was told the terrible news that her little girl of only four weeks old had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, blood cancer.

Ruby was the youngest child that G.O.S.H. had seen with Leukaemia in over 30 years, nobody knew whether she would have the strength in her little body to fight the disease, for Lisa it was like living in a nightmare as the family prepared themselves for the unknown outcome.

As it was Ruby responded well to the five blocks of chemotherapy she received and was finally discharged for good to everyones delight on the 30th of December 2004. Ruby had shown that she was a very strong little girl and her cancer was now in 100% remission. She celebrated her first birthday with a big party attended by family and friends and, according to her two month check-ups at the G.O.S.H., everything is going well. When Ruby gets to January 2006 she will have a 90% chance of the cancer never returning.

Lisa says she calls Ruby her little star - "We nearly lost her in the big black sky but she shone through brightly and we found her again. The brightest and most powerful little star you will certainly ever meet in your lifetime is Miss Ruby Wright."

For her wish Lisa chose Ruby a Leapfrog Activity Station which makes her laugh happily when she is playing on it, and Ruby's older brother, Andrew, chose a blue Ohio Cabin Bed. Lisa needed a new Mobile phone and so she got her wish with that.

Ruby and Lisa 
Ruby and Lisa

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