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Samantha's Story


Below is a letter from Sam


My name is Samantha Kelly and I was diagnosed with cancer of the bone in May 2006. The official name of the cancer is Osteosarcoma.

I started my treatment a few weeks after I was diagnosed, the treatment I was given is called chemotherapy, the side affects aren’t very nice they included feeling sick, vomiting and hair loss all over the body therefore I wear a wig when I go out.

I had my operation on the 29th August this means I find it hard to get up and about as I cannot bend my leg and I am in a lot of pain even if I need the toilet and need to have a wash.

I am having treatment until February 2007, the I am going to be starting a new treatment called EURAMOS and this stands for ‘EURopean and American Osteosarcoma study group’, only 600 people are chosen from England, Europe and America a year to have this treatment. This treatment lasts for 17 months and it is 1 injection a week.

One of my dreams in life is to have my garden done up and a hot tub put in, the reason for the hot tub is because in the winter my leg may go stiff and I think this would be a good way to help it, the reason for the garden to be done up is that I would love to be able to get out there have fun and chill out with my friends in all seasons.

I hope people with cancer and without cancer understand a bit more about the treatments given and what you go through.


Sam’s dream garden

Sam’s wish was for her garden to be sorted out but, when I got there, it was obvious that what she wanted was about a 20,000 makeover and that was something we could not do. So we had a cup of coffee and like many of the cancer children that we have dealt with she wanted a laptop. This we could achieve and now her mum says that when she goes into hospital there is a gang of them swapping games and information. This is the fourth laptop wish in one year, but we've made four children very happy.

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