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Sarah's Story


Below is a letter that we received from Sarah:

I was diagnosed at the end of February this year. It all happened when my local school got hit by the influenza bug for about a month. I kept on getting it and then recovering and then getting it again. It was near the end of half term and I still had it. My Dad decided to go with me to the doctors to get some antibiotics. My local GP gave me that yummy banana medicines and said he would do a routine blood test because I hadn’t had one for quite a long time. So everything seemed fine and I thought nothing more of it.

The next Monday I returned to the surgery so the nurse could take a blood test. Mum didn’t bother sending me into school as Mum always worries when I have a blood test but that is normal and i can remember saying "don’t worry I will be fine". Mum phoned the surgery in the afternoon but they didn’t have the results back. I could tell my mum was a bit worried but she pushed it to the back of her mind. On the Tuesday I went back 2 school and was really pleased to see my friends! I came home normal time (4pm) kicked off my shoes and watched tv (before doing my homework).

We where just about to have a cup of tea and snack when the phone rang. Mum answered and I could tell something was up. She walked out of the room and into the kitchen where she closed the door. She pointed at us to go into the lounge. My brother and I didn’t and we tried to listen through the kitchen door. All I could hear is right, right, right and I noticed her voice was wobbly. We decided to go into the lounge and wait. Gosh did I feel nervy I had butterflies in my stomach. The kitchen door opened and in came a crying mum all red and puffy. I could feel my heart racing and I was think Oh My God! Crazy thoughts were running through my head.

My mum then said "That was Mary your consultant from the Royal Marsden". I then thought (excuse my language) S**t, what does she want? Mum said they found some blaster cells in your blood and I was like what the hell are blaster cells. She then explained they are baby leukaemia cells and that my wbc was slightly abnormal.

Then I thought OMG CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!I remember screaming OMG I am going to DIE!!!! Then tears poured out of my eye sockets and this set my mum off and then my brother. It was horrid because I rarely see my brother cry! I was panicking and my heart rate must have been mega high. I remember thinking its not fair I have already had I thought I was cured. The reason I was mighty shocked was because I would have been in remission for nearly 5 years in April from AML. Mum did explain that there was a slight chance it might not be but leukaemia but this was just a slight chance.

Mum phoned Dad and family and I told my three best friends they were devastated. Mum treated us to a KFC but I have to say that that had been the worst KFC ever! Dad rushed home from work to come and see me and when he came in I hugged him and cried ITS JUST NOT FAIR! I could see tears rolling down his face. The next day I didn’t go to school, neither did my brother. We spent time at hospital with bloods being taken. On the Thursday I was meant to be going to see blood brothers but had a lumber puncture and a PICC line put in. They got the results back and it was confirmed as leukaemia. I was told I had to be up here the next day for start of treatment. We went home and celebrated my granddads birthday( it was hard to though). I went back up on the Friday to start my treatment.

What a whirlwind of a week!

Sarah and her new TV
Sarah and her new TV
It was really nice that out of the blue I had a big surprise this week. I thought dad was acting rather strangely and then there was a knock at the door and he ushered me away into the conservatory. Nothing was said until I walked into the study to see a very large box with a 32” LCD TV inside. I squealed ‘Wow’ and Dad then got round to setting it all up for me. Its so good as I get very tired still after all my medication and small TV screens are hard work for me. This one is absolutely fab. The best!!!!!

Hee, late news. Me and Michael have also just received a Nintendo DS Lite each with loads of games. That is so nice as Michael is very good and hasn’t had such nice things as me lately. Thanks to everyone who has helped the CWC fund, It certainly makes such a difference to children like me who are still not feeling so well.

Sarah Campbell aged 12

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